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(neigh is a Japanese Photography magazine. This site offers text but currently no images. May.18 '97 Open!!)

"neigh" is a Photography magazine made by members of Univ. amateur photo clubs around Nagoya, Japan. There are few critical magazines produced by non-specialists in Japan. We have easy access to the opinions of experts through mainstream photographic magazines, but we thought that the opinion of the general practitioner is both of interest and under-represented. Neigh consists of essays, interviews, critiques, information and so on from our friends to famous artists. The parent publication is in Japanese. If you want it (only Japanese), Please contacts me by e-mail.

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This homepage is entirely the reponsibility of Sakima, Y. it's editor. It does not represent the views of Mr. Nakae, T (upper page manager) or others.

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The upper home page is a large amateur photography site managed by Mr. Nakae. This site offers some of it's content.

My English is weak. Would you like to help me translate or amend these pages? If so, please E-mail (sakima@hatelecom.or.jp)

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