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updated on 4/8/2012

My specialties are corporate and operating management as well as web production and sales in media services, social, communications, commerce, and local/SMB services.
Freelance Translator (1993-1996, JAPAN) I began my career as a freelance, J/E and E/J translator and continued the translation business focusing on business/economy topics.

Kites Corporation (1993-1996, Tokyo, JAPAN) After one year of freelance business translation, I joined Kites Corporation, a public relations agency, where I used my translation skills and developed my skills in project management in the area of services such as publishing newsletters and company brochures, organizing symposiums, and coordinating translation service.

Yahoo Japan Corporation (1996-2012, Tokyo, JAPAN) With experience in project management and translation as well as English speaking skill, I joined Yahoo! JAPAN, where I spent the next 16 years from very early years through established but still-growing period of internet. My initial responsibilities covered wide range from marketing activities to web content production. During my early years at Yahoo! JAPAN, I, as the producer, introduced many services such as My Yahoo!, Messenger, Mail, Shopping, and Auctions. I also had a role as an international producer while the company focused in localization, bridging between Japan and the US counterpart. In the last 10 years my main focus at the company has shifted to leadership roles as a division president of business units and as a company SVP, maximizing profitability of the company.

SVP, BS UNIT, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2009-2012). Manage overall business services.

VP, SOCIAL NET, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2006-2009). Headed Social Net Division.

VP, AUCTIONS, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2004-2006). Headed Auctions Division. Also participated as a Board member of Yahoo! JAPAN's affiliate company Netrust.

VP, AUCTIONS & SHOPPING, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2001-2003). Headed both Auctions Division and Shopping Division. Also participated as a Board member of Yahoo! JAPAN's affiliate companies: Tabigator, Valumore and Netrust.

VP/INTERNET EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2001). Managed the communities, platform, commerce, and mobile departments. Contributed to corporate strategy as a member of the management board. Also headed Yahoo! JAPAN's subsidiary e-Groups Japan as President.

VP/INTERNET SENIOR PRODUCER, Yahoo Japan Corporation (2000-2001). Headed the communities, commerce, and mobile production units. Contributed to corporate strategy as a member of the management board.

INTERNET PRODUCER, Yahoo Japan Corporation (1998-2000). Took the responsibilities in Yahoo! JAPAN's communities and commerce services as well as services on mobile devices. Also continued my responsibility as the international producer for all communication between Japan and the rest of the global Yahoo!.

Community services I produced are below:

INTERNET PRODUCER AND MARKETER, Yahoo Japan Corporation (1996-1998). Planed and produced new contents and promotion materials. As a marketer, cordinated internet marketing activities as well as assuming a responsibility as the international producer for all communication between Japan and the rest of the global Yahoo!

Projects I produced are below:

EVENT COORDINATOR, TRANSLATOR, EDITOR, COMPUTER SYSTEM ADMINISTRATER, DTP OPERATOR, Kites Corporation (1993-1996). Translated business and general documents in- house; edited books and reports; coordinated symposia; administered company computer (Macintosh) system and trained coworkers in computer skills; and desk-top publish leaflets and pamphlets.

FREELANCE TRANSLATOR (1993-1996). Registered at several translation companies. Specialized in economic, political, and general translation.

TRANSLATOR, Joint Publication Research Service, Arlington, Va. (1990-1992). Translated newspaper and journal articles on political, economic, and technological developments from Japanese to English.

WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, Bellingham, WA. (1993).Bachelor of Arts, Radio Station Management, Fairhaven College. (Self-designed major combining business and communications)

WHATCOM COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Bellingham, WA. (1989). Transfer degree program.

ASIA UNIVERSITY, Tokyo, Japan. (1987-1989).International Relations major. Attended Western Washington University for five months in 1988 as part of the Asia University America Program.

TOEIC (IP) 975 points (2010).

STEP level 1 (1994).

Skilled in both J/E and E/J business, technical, and political translations.


Professional skill in internet business management, web direction and producing content properties. Capable of writing HTML and understanding of general internet technology.


Kao Corporation
Translated various types of newspaper and magazine articles and news releases for Kao Corporation' PR section. Translated Kao Group's weekly global company news clipping service.
Translated articles for Teikyo Kokusai News and Kao Group Newsletter, the two major newsletters that Kites Corporation produced.
Responsible for all other in-house translations related to various projects.
Freelance Translations
Examples of work:
A PC operation manual
A quality manual
The Japanese Forestry Law
A report of development work in Uganda
Newspaper articles related to economics and politics
Machinery catalogs
Speech materials
Personal letters
Family registrations
Contract documents

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