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I have long enjoyed gardening under the sun, but my focus has been only on veggies. I buried (literally, and that's all I did) seeds in spring and start harvesting in fall.

Some of you may think growing vegetables and plants is troublesome. It depends on how you take to it. Other green thumbs are busy implanting artificial fertilizers into the soil and becoming neurotic about rooting out inch-long weeds. I never maintain the garden "right way". I do what I can afford to do. Nonetheless, I can harvest veggetables anyway. My crops are as good as others. They may not be as big as ones of the professional farmers, nor grow as straight. But mine are healthy.

I think those fertilizer-grown and agrochemically-sterile vegetables are like people who only take daily vitamin pills but not vegetables to stay healthy. Vegetable peels and wastes are enough nutrient for the microorganism in the soil to grow well. I recommend a non-agrochemical and organic way of farming.

Do you think home gardening is troublesome and difficult? Don't expect a harvest like that of professional farmers, and you will be delighted with your own darling and colorful vegetables in your field.

Yes, ANYBODY can grow vegetables. If you're interested, why don't you take a look at my Dirt&Soil page. It might help.


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