A HYOUTAN--Jijii's Trademark,or partner

YOU WIN! Your Jijii (it was drunken master Shun Di,off course) drunk proudly. there was a HYOUTAN in his hand. -- Well,what on the earth is the HYOUTAN?

The HYOUTAN is called a gourd in English.(See below) It is used as a natural waterbottle. Jijii used it to pour his favorite RAOCHU(Chinese sake), that is quite good idea.

In VIRTUA FIGHTER 2,the HYOUTAN(to say collectly, its content) has close connection with Jijii's triumph. By drinking, Jijii's attack rate increases of five per cent. But Jijii can't drink unless he hit the skill P+D or P+K. Drinking is difficult in the game! so your Jijii's triumph depends upon your quick decision.

Every fight makes you great,do your best!

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