ARUCHU TOMONOKAI --the drunken masters' party

Do you know ARUCHU TOMONOKAI? This party consists of many Jijii-mania in Japan. The name of party means "alchoholic friend society", since Jijii-mania often call themselves "aruchu(=alchoholic, because their Jijii drink well)".

There are different people and almost all of them love Jijii, fight with Jijii, grow strong with Jijii. They discuss, chat, and debate about many topics.(not only about Jijii but different subject)

The "aruchu" menbers enjoy competing each other not to speak of to win a victory. They always want to become marvelous, beautiful fighter. They are particular about their way of fighting, so every member have their favorite combination. Some original combination that many members recognize it great are named after player's name who made it.

The "aruchu" meeting (off-line one) is held once or twice a year. About over 30 members come together and enjoy fighting. If you want to join us, we welcome you!

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