JIJII's Super Uppercut

Do you know this move? Maybe English move list doesn't refer to it. Now,you've known about new,special move!

Jijii's super uppercut is formally called 'Chou-wan-ryou-ken'.We usually call it 'Chou-wan'.When Chou-wan hit,Jijii can push up an opponent much higher than usual.So, many combination can be created. But!its damage is only 19. And,its motion is rather difficult

If your motion isn't correct, it becomes the following move.

Though Chou-wan is a sharp,beautiful move,it has a weak point. It has very short reach...that is serious! If your opponent is cautious or 'chicken-hearted',you can't hit Chou-wan easily. Chou-wan has no power against those who fight keeping distance from your Jijii.

Chou-wan is good for making combination because it can push up an opponent into the air.See below, they are the examples of Chou-wan combination. If you acquire them,you'll become more powerful,have more variation of fighting,be able to defeat many rivals.

But, as mentioned above, the motion of Chou-wan is dificult... Never give up.First, please execize the Chou-wan motion itself over and over again.To acquire Chou-wan is necessary for quick and correct stick motion.Next, exercize the combination motion.

Chou-wan combination:

Chou-wan is more beautiful move than any move Shun has. Practice Kung-Fu to use Chou-wan at will.


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