Boro-Ichi at Setagaya
Boro-Ichi is

At Setagaya-ward, market in year 4 days held. As crossing for 1 kilometer for both sides of a road, art article, antique article, used clothes, Sunday miscellaneous goods, foodstuff, and toy is sold in a street stall.
There is Daikan-Yashiki, Historic place of Edo period prefectural governor's residence that stands for a middle spot. Continue for this market more than 400 years.

This is Japanese language
世田谷で、年に四日間開催され、道路の両側、一キロメートルに渡り、美術品、 骨董品、古着、日曜雑貨、食料品、玩具等の露店がならびます。中間地点には代官屋敷跡 があり、四百年以上も続いているそうです。

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