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Web DX Pedition News from JAPAN

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Reporter Pedition to QRV Freq(MHz) Date(YYMMDD-YYMMDD) GL Remarks
IK1QBT J20 DJIBOUTI MOUCHA ISLAND ALL 070201-070215 The licence for operation has been received this morning 01/02/07 from Gibuti Telecom Authority , the operators are now either enroute to Moucha Island AF-053,they expect to be ready with the first station late afternoon. Please note that has received the new call sign of J20MM and J20RR .
MM0DXC TIREE EU008 All 060729 - 060730 Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club GM2T RSGB Islands on the Air Contest. Saturday 29th July to Sunday 30th July 2006. CPSARC will once again operate from the Isle of Tiree (IOTA EU-008, IOSA NH04, WAB NM04), the most westerly of Scotland痴 Inner Hebridean Islands, during the RSGB IOTA (Islands on the Air) Contest which runs from 12:00UTC 29th July until 12:00UTC 30th July 2003, using the clubs special contest call sign GM2T. Pre contest activity will be as MM0CPS/P This Year, GM2T, are joined by some new members including nationals from New Zealand and Burmah GM2T heavily supports newcomers to our wonderful hobby and has a large number of newly licenced members. This way not only does our hobby get new blood but so does contesting as they invariably get bitten by the bug. This years team consists of :- Cambell MM0DXC, Bob GM4UYZ, John MM0JXI, Brian M0RNR, Norman GM4IUS, Landles GM4XZZ, Willie MM0WZZ, Gareth M3INO, Derek MM3PYX, Colin 2M0CRR, Moe MM0MRM, Geoff MM5AHO and Ellis GM4GZW QSL via GM2T via the Bureau For Details about Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club visit us at www.cpsarc.com For further press details contact Brian Pickup MM0DXC@cpsarc.com
JA1JCF INUBO SAKI LH 10 - 21MHz 060325-060326 JA1JCF/1 will be QRV from a beach side near the Inubo Saki Lighthouse in Chiba, Japan, ARLHS JAP-171, on March 25 and 26. This lighthouse is one of the most important and famous lighthouses in Japan. Bands: 15 - 30 meters. Modes: CW. QSL via home call. The operation will be postponed to April 15-16 if weather is not good. 73. de Nobi, JA1JCF
UA3FDX 4J-DXPEDITION ALL 060317-06-327 Dear OM's Mir, UA3FDX, and Pavel, RA3AUM, will be QRV from Azerbaijan as 4J0DX and 4J0AUM between March 17th and March 27th. Bands: 10 - 80 meters and possibly 160m. Modes: SSB, CW. Activity will include the Russian DX (as 4J0DX) and CQ WPX SSB ムontests (as 4J0DX). QSL for both stations via UA3FDX either direct or via the bureau. All contact Please via dx@mail.az. Thank you! 73, Mir - UA3FDX
PA3GIO JERSEY ISLAND 3,8 - 28 MHz 050122-050127 Bert, MJ/PA3GIO/p from Jersey Island, (EU-013) 22 - 27 January 2005. 80 - 10M SSB only. 100W & Doublet. http://www.pa3gio.nl/MJ/ For Bureau QSL's PSE use the easy QSL request form on my website. (Also for all other operations) For direct QSL's pse use the QSL info on my website. -- 73, Bert, PA3GIO PA3GIO DXpeditions: http://www.pa3gio.nl/
SM6WET ZK1WET HF 050131-050305 Informations for DX Expedition to South and North Cook Islands. ZK1WET, ZK1XMY, ZK1SDE and ZK1SDZ Will be active from South and North Cook islands as follows: Dates: 2005-01-31 - 2005-02-17 Aitutaki Island (South Cook) 2005-02-17 - 2005-02-24 Manihiki Atoll (North Cook) 2005-02-24 - 2005-03-03 Aitutaki Island (South Cook) Expedition will concentrate mostly on 17 & 20m allthough there will be activity between 10-160m. Mostly SSB but ZK1WET will be active on CW and RTTY. Monoband yagis for 10,17 & 20. Verticals on other bands. ZK1WET will also be active in the CQWW RTTY WPX Contest Dubble sided QSL will be printed for each station. Buro do not like these cards so direct QSLing is prefered via M3SDE
YB8XM PA 21.2600 041023 pi46ch [detail here]
M1LCR GD All 040901-040908 IO74 General Information Members of the Wrexham and District Amateur Radio Society will be operating from the Isle of Man, during the period 1-8 September 2004. The site that will be used is Scarlett Point, a disused Coast Guard look out tower, approx 1.5 Miles South of Castletown, Isle of Man. Local, National and International Press interest is gathering momentum. Initial press releases via the Radio Society Of Great Britain (RSGB) have been followed through with the national amateur radio magazines (Practical Wireless, Radio Active and Shortwave Magazine) publishing information and photographs Operation will be on all HF Bands, 50Mhz, 70Mhz, and 144Mhz, at full UK Power. It is envisaged that the team will operate on at least 2 HF Bands simultaneously, and will be operating CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK and some SSTV. In addition the American Amateur Radio Relay League has announced the DX Pedition in its Weekly newssheet. Further 敵rapevine・information has been passed around, from the Japanese society as well as the Italian 425 DX News. Currently the team estimate that 130,000 amateurs worldwide are now aware of the operation. The team痴 website, http://www.gb4iom.co.uk is being visited by around 25 new requests daily. (This is on target as the operation gathers momentum, we expect in the region of 1,000 hits per day). The advance party arrives on the Island on Saturday 28th August 2004, to commence construction of the stations, with the main party arriving on 1st September 2004. It is currently planned that operation of the Stations GB4IOM and GB4SPT will commence on Wednesday 1st September 2004, at 18:00 UTC. In this Press Release キ Global Interest in the operation, is building. キ Press Pack release date announced キ Announcement about operation made on Global News Services キ IT Solution passes System Testing キ EME System Configuration undergoing Testing キ Final stages of planning approaching completion キ Updated Certificates and Awards Global Interest in the operation, is building. Interest from the amateur radio community, worldwide is building, with significant web site access and news providers picking up on the story. The GB4IOM operation has developed significant press coverage, world wide, with requests for more information arriving from the Far East, Australia, the US as well as Europeans. Currently we have achieved exposure in the UK National magazines, as well as the US, Australian and Japanese amateur radio press. Local 杜ainstream・press interest has started to develop, with the local newspapers in North Wales and Merseyside taking an interest in the story. Press Pack Date Announced. Due to the increased demand for information regarding the operation, and amateur radio in particular, the team will be releasing a Press Pack. This Press Pack will contain general information about amateur radio, as well as specific information about the operation, its operators and the equipment and logistics necessary to mount such a major operation. The press pack will be released on 1 August 2004, with additional updates following on a weekly basis. Announcement about operation made on Global News Services. Early in July, the operation was announced via a number of Global Radio News Services, operating from Australia, Japan and US. Further updates followed, and the operation now appears on almost all News Broadcasts from these countries. IT Solution passes System Testing The IT Solution the GB4IOM team plan on using has now undergone comprehensive system testing. The solution, based upon Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Taclog and N1MM Logger, now offers automated multiple user access and logging. The solution, especially developed 妬n house・enables the team to automatically updated the GB4IOM website, in near real time, for each QSO logged. Furthermore, the solution offers high resiliency as well as stability, ensuring the safe management of log entries. In addition, SSTV Pictures, RTTY and PSK QSO痴 can be uploaded. This solution offers anyone accessing the on line databases the facility to actually 都ee・what we received. (We understand this to be a first in any DX Pedition). EME System Configuration undergoing Testing The team are about to commence EME (or Earth Moon Earth) system testing. We plan on operating on 50MHz as well as 144MHz EME from the Island. The system comprises an ICOM 756PROII with a Linear Amp UK 50MHz Amplifier and a multi-element aerial array. This is fed with Andrews LDF 450 Heliax via a commercial ultra low noise masthead pre-amp. For 144MHz, we plan on using a similar system, with a 144MHz Down Converter to the ICOM 756PROII. Again a commercial Mast Head pre amplifier will be used with a large multi element aerial array. System testing is expected to commence within the next 14 Days. Final stages of planning approaching completion The final stages of planning the operation are now nearing completion. We expect to be operational on at least 3 HF Bands / Modes simultaneously with an almost constant operation on 7MHz. The following items are now scheduled for completion in the next 7 days: キ Finalisation of Band Pass Filters キ Finalisation of Wire Aerial Arrays キ Completion of Mast Guying Systems キ Complete 鉄tation・Interoperability testing will commence shortly. (Testing everything works, with each other. This is necessary to ascertain that we don稚 suffer undue Interference from such strong, co-located stations). キ Commencement of Propagation planning and Band Planning. Updated Certificates and Awards: (Note changes to the 典esting Award・. In order to encourage operators to work the stations we have decided to organise a number of competitions and awards for contacting the stations. The aim is to encourage operators to try different modes, different powers, different bands and so on. A. The M3 / QRP / Mobile Award (Certificate) Eligible Stations: Fixed M3 and QRP Stations running 10 Watts or less, or Mobile Stations, running 100 Watts or less. To claim the award you must work both GB4IOM and GB4SPT at least once either: キ On two different HF bands, one using SSB and one other mode. Or: キ On one HF band and one VHF band, using SSB Or: キ On two different HF bands, using two different data modes (Data in this case means RTTY, PSK, CW or SSTV) Or: キ On two VHF bands, using SSB Note: a Special award can be claimed by any M3 or QRP MOBILE Operator running 10 Watts or less. Only one contact with GB4IOM or GB4SPT will be required to claim this award. B. The Medium Power Award (Certificate) Eligible Stations: Fixed Stations running 50 Watts or less, or Mobile Stations Running more than 100 Watts, or any Portable Station To claim the award you must work both GB4IOM and GB4SPT at least once either: キ On three different HF bands, one using SSB and two other, different, modes. Or: キ On one HF band and two VHF bands, using SSB Or: キ On three different HF bands, using at least two different data modes (Data in this case means RTTY, PSK, CW or SSTV) C. The DX Award (Certificate) 1 Eligible Stations: Stations outside Continental Europe only. To claim the award you must work both GB4IOM and GB4SPT at least once either: キ On the same HF Band using two different modes. Or: キ On two different HF Bands using any combination of modes. D. The DX Award (Certificate) 2 Eligible Stations: Continental European stations only. To claim the award you must work both GB4IOM and GB4SPT at least once either: キ On any two of the HF bands and one of the VHF bands (any mode combination, i.e. all SSB, or one SSB one CW, one RTTY) Or: キ On the same HF Band using three different modes. Or: キ On three different HF Bands using any combination of modes. E. The Islander Award (Certificate) Eligible Stations: Any station operating from an IOTA Recognised Island. To claim: キ (For European Islands) you must contact both GB4IOM and GB4SPT, at least once, any band, any mode, any mode combination. キ (For Non-European Islands) you must contact either GB4IOM or GB4SPT at least once, any band, any mode. F. The SWL Award (Certificate) Eligible Stations: Any SWL To claim the award you must log at least three consecutive QSO痴: キ On three or more bands (9 QSO痴) キ On two bands, and two modes (6 QSO痴, two modes) G. The Testing Award (Certificate) Eligible Stations: Any (SWL痴 may Email Details to rees.adrian@btconnect.com prior to 1st September 2004) To claim the award you must work M1LCR / MD1LCR/P or M3JRP / MD3JRP/P, during 18 July 2004 ・1St September 2004. (This change is so we may test various aspects of our equipment setup, prior to the operation). キ Once on any band, and any mode. You must give an accurate RST Report, your station details, including TX/RX, Aerial, Location of Station, in terms of Rural, Semi Rural, Urban, Suburban, Industrial or City, together with QRA Locator, at time of contact. (This is to ascertain Aerial Performance). How to Claim your Certificate: To Claim your award, complete the following process: 1. Visit our website, http://www.gb4iom.co.uk and check our on-line logbook. (Note: Please allow at least 12 Hours after your final QSO, before checking our on line log book). 2. After you have confirmed the QSO痴, are in our log book, please submit your claim, with an extract of your log, including your address, Date, Time, Frequency, Mode, and the Callsign you used for the contact. (I.E. /P or /M), to awards@gb4iom.co.uk. (Note Email account not active till 1st September 2004) 3. If you wish to claim an award, but are not sure if we have your correct details in the log, please see our QSL Policy on our website, and if you consider yourselves eligible, but think we have a mistake in our log, please claim, the award, as section 2. Additional Awards: We have a number of additional awards, which include certificates, Isle of Man, Isle of Man TT and DX Pedition T Shirts / Polo Shirts, which we will award to stations, who, the team considers, and at the teams discretion, have fulfilled the following criteria: キ Showing excellent operating practice during a pile up. キ Being the station we work at a significant point in our operation (i.e. being station number 5,000 in the log). キ Being the first station from a particular country on a specific mode. キ A special SWL Award will be issued to the SWL who accurately provides the team with the most detailed log. The team will post these awards, once the operation has completed. Please when you QSL us, include your address / contact details, so we can send your Award.
SV2AEL GREECE ALL 040601-040813 KN10 OLYMPIC GAMES CELEBRATION PROGRAMS Dear sir, Please let us to inform you for the following events: SV, GREECE OLYMPIC GAMES CELEBRATION PROGRAMS 1) 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES "Countdown on the air program" A special and interesting "countdown on the air" program will be active from many Greek radioamateurs on last 99 days until 13 Aug 2004 the starting day of the OLYMPIG GAMES 2004. Nine (9) Multi operators special Event Stations as SX9A, SX8A, SX7A, SX6A, SX5A, SX4A, SX3A, SX2A and SX1A from the nine (9) Greek regions, will be active on 6 May 2004 until 12 Aug 2004. These stations will be on the air every 10 days one by one, to celebrate the 2004 OLYMPIG GAMES in Athens (Greece) in all bands and modes and the signing the rest of days with the countdown method after the special calls. Some Greeks radioclubs prepare a lot of DX-awards and events for this program. All the contacts will be reply with a special QSL card via buraeu. There is NOT any QSL manager. QSL via Greek Buraeu ONLY. More info, calendar and on-line logs for the "2004 OLYMPIG GAMES Countdown on the air program" you will find at: http://www.qsl.net/sv2ngct/sx.htm 2) OLYMPIC PREFIXS FOR GREEKs and FOREIGNERs HAM The Greek Communications Authority has announced that Greek radio amateurs may use the optional SX2004 or SY2004 call sign prefix from 1 June 2004 until 15 November 2004 to commemorate the Athens Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2004. QSL via operator's instructions. Also the foreigner radio amateurs, as visitors in Greece, from CEPT countries or from countries with reciprocity (U.S.A., Canada , Cyprus , Switzeland and Australia) can use the special prefix J42004 from 1 Aug 2004 until 15 November 2004 without any license from Greek Authorities. All the others needs to commumicate with Greek Authorities for special permission. QSL via operator's instructions. Note that you can find the official website of ATHENS OLYMPIC GAMES 2004 at: http://www.athens2004.com Best 73 de Savas SV2AEL
M1LCR ISLE OF MAN All 040901-040908 Press Release GB4IOM / GB4SPT DX-Pedition Release 1, 7th April 2004 Members of the Wrexham and District Amateur Radio Society will be operating from the Isle of Man, (IOTA EU116) during the period 1-8 September 2004. The site that will be used is Scarlett Point, a disused Coast Guard look out tower, approx 1.5 Miles South of Castletown, Isle of Man. (QRA: IO74, WAB SC26) Operation will be on all HF Bands, 50Mhz, 70Mhz, 144Mhz and 432Mhz, at full UK Power. It is envisaged that the team will operate simultaneously on: キ 3 HF Bands (CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK and some SSTV). キ 1 VHF Band The team envisage a high level of activity on the lower HF Bands, with particular attention being paid to 160 and 80 Metres. It is planned to use a combination of aerials, including Phased Arrays, Yagi痴 and Quads at heights of 40 ・100 Feet. Callsigns: GB4IOM and GB4SPT will be used. Some operation from the islands mountain will take place, conditions permitting, for SOTA devotees. QSL via the Bureau or direct to M1LCR (Further details and a PO Box Address will be issued later). A team of at least 10 operators will be active, and these so far include: MD3ABZ (Ronnie) MW1STE (Steve) MW1MDH (Mark) MW1VCD (John) (SOTA Man) M1LCR (Adrian) M3JRP (James) In addition a further 3 Operators will also be available. Information: The DX Pedition Site: http://www.gb4iom.co.uk, (Website due to go live on 16 April 2004) will contain updated information initially on a weekly basis, and then on line 24x7 during the period of the expedition. Visitors to the website will be able view and search logs, and operators will be able see QSO confirmation within 12 hours of each QSO. The website will include information on how to work GB4IOM and GB4SPT. This will include Frequencies, Times and modes where we will be operating. A number of awards are planned for working the station, either multi band / multi mode or a combination, and a QSL痴 are requested from SWL痴. Further press release will be issued on the following dates: 7th May 2004, 7th June 2004,7th July 2004, 7th August 2004, 14th August, 28th August Then daily updates via the website) Wrexham and District Amateur Radio Society meets every other Tuesday, further details are available from the Club Secretary, M1LCR, on 07766 864452 or 01244 303108, email: rees.a@btconnect.com
ON5DRE FAREUR OY HF + VHF 040503-040513 IP62 ***UPDATE*** Our callsign will be OY9OY ! hope to hear from you all !
ON5DRE FAREUR OY HF + VHF 040503-040513 IP62 in the beginning of may, me and my friend Erwin are going to the Fareur islands. bands we will be active on are 160 meters till 2 meters. we will be most active on the 80m, 40m, 17m en 2m band. also , if AO-40 survives and gets fixed by then, we will also be active on it. For 2 meters we will be active in phone as well as some digital modes, to compromise the somewhat low power. we'll be active from the 3th may till 13 may ! our callsign will be given at a later moment, because we aren't sure yet that we can use the requested callsign . hopefully we can hear and work lots of OM's arround the world ! greets from Kevin ON5DRE and Erwin ON4QJ
T98R T90ZOI all 20040208-20040210 In honor of the 20th anniversary of XIV Winter Olimpic Games special callsign T90ZOI will be active from Sarajevo between 8. and 10. February 2004, on all bands, all modes. QSL via buro.[detail here]
DK7PE SRI LANKA All Bands March 03 to March 08th 2004 A group of the LARC (Lufthansa Amateur radio Club) will be in Sri Lanka from March 3rd to 8th. They will be operating all bands in SSB and CW. If possible, Rudi DK7PE will try some 160m, depending on the antennas possible. Operators will be Frank-DJ3FK, Bernd-DK7TF, Karl-DL4FP and Rudi-DK7PE.
IR8M CQWW SSB CONTEST 10/160 25/26 OCOTOBER 2003 ACTIVE ON CQWW SSB CONTEST -----> More Info www.mdxc.org/ir8m
PA3GIO BERMUDA VP9 HF 030918-030928 FM72PI Bermuda Island, VP9, Bert, PA3GIO will be PA3GIO/VP9 from 18 - 28 September 2003 on Bermuda Island, IOTA NA-005 Operating on 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10M in only SSB from the QTH of Ed, VP9GE QSL (preferable by the bureau or e-mail: qsl@pa3gio.nl) to PA3GIO Website: http://www.pa3gio.nl/VP9
MM0DFV ISLE OF SKYE All HF 24-25.08.2003 IO77 GB0SKY ISLE OF SKYE DX-PEDITION IOSA: NH07 Four operators from the Scottish-Russian ARS: Jurij Phunkner MM0DFV, John Scott GM0WRR, Ernie Lindsay GM0EZP and Ross Feilen MM0WED, plan to be on Skye, the largest island of the Inner Hebrides Islands (IOTA: EU-008). The expedition will use special call sign GB0SKY from August 24 till August 25 2003. Administratively the island is in Highland Council Area (CAOSA: HL). The expedition will be based near Skulamus, near Broadford Bay (WAB: NG62) so in the Southeast part of the island. Precise co-ordinates of base: 57ー 14エ 06エエ N and 05ー 51エ 42エエ W (QRA-Locator: IO77BF). Reference numbers for Scottish islands award programs: IOSA: NH07 and SCOTIA: CN14. We plan to use four operating positions from 160m to 10m, largely CW and SSB with only one position for digital modes. On Saturday 24.08.2003 an attempt will be made to climb one of the island's summits - Sgurr na Coinnich (SOTA: GM/SI-020), located southeast of our main base. Only MM0DFV/p will work from the summit on CW at 5W on 20m, about 14030-14040kHz. Co-ordinates of the summit: 57ー 14エ 12エエ N and 05ー 42エ 30エエ W (QRA-Locator: IO77DF). On Sunday 25th there will be a short visit to the Kylerhea Minor Light (ARLHS: SCO-116), on a southeast island shore in the Kyle Rhea firth. Two stations MM0DFV/p and GM0WRR/p will work from the lighthouse. Co-ordinates of the lighthouse: 57ー 14エ 12エエ N and 05ー 39エ 54エエ W (QRA-Locator: IO77EF). QSL-cards for contacts with GB0SKY via RSGB QSL-Bureau or direct: MM0DFV Jurij Phunkner, P.O. Box 7469, Glasgow, G42 0YD, Scotland, U.K.
IZ8CGS IL7M 10/80 METER 25-26-27 -07-03 IL7M ISL. SAN DOMINO EU-050 During the IOTA contest 25/27 july 2003 we are actived as IL7M from San Domino IOTA --> EU-050-more info--> www.mdxc.org/il7m QSL INFORMATION VIA IZ8CGS. 73s De IL7M Team....
RK0LWW/P IOTA AS-066 HF June 7-9 Verkhovskogo Island,Sea of Japan (IOTA AS-066,RR-16-02) new lighthous (ARLHS ASR-116,WLH-0437,RLHA-New). QSL via CBA.
VE3BY ZONE 2 40 >10 May 20 >23 FO11 [detail here] Team zone 2 VA2BY & K8DD will be QRV Waskaganish, James Bay Quebec. CW & SSB 10 thru 40 ( new site for CQWW in October ) http://www.qsl.net/teamzone2/
IG9/IZ8CGS IOTA AF-019 10/40 MT 22-25 MAY 03 Active from 22 May to 25 from Lampedusa Island I.O.T.A AF-019 I.I.A AG-001, way ssb bands 10 to 40 meters Qsl via iz8cgs http://www.mdxc.org/iz8cgs/ig9 IZ8CGS Mediterraneo Dx Club #101 www.qsl.net/iz8cgs www.mdxc.org
IZ8CGS IB0DX 10/80 MT 25/26/27 04/2003 EU 045 hello, about the nex activity from Ventotene Isl. I.O.T.A EU-045. I.I.A: LT- 011 CALL: I B 0 D X TEAM: iz8cgs ,iz8ccw ,ik8vrn, ik8vrh, and other MDXC members. DATE: 25-26-27 APRIL 2003 BANDS: 10-80 mt also WARC bands MODE: CW, SSB, RTTY for mor einfo please visit the site pawered by IZ8CGS Giani on: www.mdxc.org/ib0dx best 73s de iz8cgs and yhanks for help......
WA4RQG COSTARICA 1.8-54 02/10/11 [detail here] KE6WW was not on this expedition, who ever was using his call sign is fixing to get arrested. Suggest you find this person and turn them into the responsible authorities, Tom Stahl (KE6EWW) was in Seattle Washington at the time.
DD0FF FO/JI1WTF 14 02/10/11 [detail here]
FO/JI1WTF FO/JI1WTF 14 02/10/11 [detail here]
FO/JI1WTF FO/JI1WTF 14 01/10/11 [detail here]
AC8G COSTA RICA 1.8-50 021023-021029 Twelve USA and Canadian amateurs will journey to near San Jose, Costa Rica for a week beginning October 23, 2002. The principal activity will be as a multi-multi entry in the CQ WW SSB contest using TI5N (QSL via W3HNK). The location will be at the mega station QTH of Keko, TI5KD located near San Jose. Before and after the contest, the group expects to have activity on all bands from 160 to 6 meters using a variety of modes to include PSK31. Calls used will be TI5/homecall with the QSL route being the homecall or as announced. Please do not mix QSL card of TI5N or any of the group in SASE mailings. Member of the trip are AC8G, K6GXO, KE6WW, KA7KUZ, K8QOE, N1IZP, N6JRL, N0AT, VE3RZ, W8ILC, W8KKF and WA8LOW. TI5KD and several other local and visiting amateurs may join in the activity. Submitted by AC8G hflasher@dayton.net detail here]
ON1DRE GJ JERSEY ISLAND 50MHz & 144MHz 02/09/03 - 02/09/10 IN89 We will be active from Jersey Island with the callsign GJ/ON1DRE. the activated bands are 50MHz and 144MHz. The activity period is from the 3th september till the 10th september. Locator square is IN89. QSL via ON1DRE. Best 73' from Kevin.
DF JA 50110 24.08.02 jn68 Hallo im looking on 50110 every Saturday on 50110 from 8.30 to 15.00 utc. call me at saturday.
RK0LWW/P RUSSKIJ ISL IOTA freq 020817-020822 PN53 IOTA AS-066 RR-16-02 WAZ 19 QSL via QRZ.COM
MM0DXC TIREE ISLAND 3.8 - 28 27 - 28 July EU008 A team from the Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club (C&PS ARC) in Scotland will once again operate from the Isle of Tiree (reference number IOSA NH04 and WAB NM04), which is the most westerly of Scotland's Inner Hebridean Islands. Activity will be during the RSGB IOTA (Islands on the Air) contest. The team, which consist of Cambell/MM0DXC, John/MM0JXI, Bob/GM4UYZ, Ron/GM4IKU, Landles/GM4XZZ, Brian/M0RNR, Iain/MM3IDM, Keith GM0FZM, Robert/MM0ANT and Robert/MM1BJO will be using the special contest callsign GM2T. The QSL Manager for all GM2T operations is Bob, GM4UYZ. Updates will be posted on the clubs excellent web page at: www.cpsarc.com or contact mm0dxc@cpsarc.com
WV2B CY9 ST. PAUL ISLAND 6-40 Meters June 29-July 7, 2002 FN-97 7 operators will be on from St. Paul Island from June 29-July 7. Try 14195 between 1100-1400z, we will be looking for Japan/Asia. QSL via W7XU. We will have a CY9 callsign. 73, Duane, WV2B http://www.geocities.com/stpaulisland
PA3GIO VK9L 3,8-28 020528-020607 VK9L, Lord Howe, Bert, PA3GIO will be VK9LO on Lord Howe OC-004 28 May - 7 June he will be QRV in SSB only on 80,40, 20, 17, 15 , 12 and 10M with 100W and doublet with open feeder line, QSL (preferable by the Bureau) to PA3GIO. Website: http://www.pa3gio.nl/VK9LO/ Mirror USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/VK9LO/
PA3GIO VK9X 3,8-28 020518-020525 VK9X Christmas Island. Bert, PA3GIO will be VK9XV on Christmas Island OC-002 18 - 25 May 2002 he will be QRV in SSB only on 80,40, 20, 17, 15 , 12 and 10M with 100W and doublet with open feeder line, or OutbackerPerth mobile Ant. QSL (preferable by the Bureau) to PA3GIO. Website: http://www.pa3gio.nl/VK9XV/ Mirror USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/VK9XV/
ON9CGB EU-068 3.5-28 020725-020729 [detail here] MINKIEBOYS team to Ile de Sein EU-068 DIFM:AT-007; ARLHS:FRA066 & FRA 067 Contest call requested TM2ON outside contest F/ON4ASG/p;F/ON4ON/p;F/ON5SY/p; F/ON6CX/p;F/ON7PQ/p;F/ON9CGB/p. QSL via ON4ON Buro or direct callbook.
ON9CGB EU-068 3.5-28 020725-020729 [detail here] MINKIEBOYS team to Ile de Sein EU-068 DIFM:AT-007; ARLHS:FRA066 & FRA 067 Contest call requested TM2ON outside contest F/ON4ASG/p;F/ON4ON/p;F/ON5SY/p; F/ON6CX/p;F/ON7PQ/p;F/ON9CGB/p. QSL via ON4ON Buro or direct callbook.
W6WBY PW0T all 160-6 020218 [detail here]
S79 L 14 03.02.2002 so27dr [detail here]via A57LOH
CN2DX CASABLANCA 50 144 020601-020622 IM63 [detail here]Hello I give info, CN2DX QRV from 1 juny to 22 juny in IM63 on 2m and 6m, see my home page: http://radioamateurs.eicn.ch/cn2dx 73 and good dx from Andr・HB9HLM
N0TG VP5 All 020301--020307 QSL via Home Call only. Callsign will be: N0TG/VP5 All Bands CW and SSB. New Callbook address.
W9VA PW0T ALL 160-6 020218-020301 HG59 See website for details: www.trindade2002.com QSL via KU9C
LA6FJA S9LA ALL 160-6 020204-020211 JJ30 Scandinavian DX Team Call:S9LA QRV 160-6 meter HF 2xstations QRV 24 h a day QSL via LA2N Homepage: www.qsl.net/s9la e-mail:s9la@qsl.net
WV2B CY9 all 2000 New QSL manager for WV2B/CY9. If you QSLed to old manager with no results, Please try again with new manager KC6AWX. Sorry for the trouble. 73 Duane
TA3DD TA3DD 7009 2001/10/03 [detail MY QSL MANAGER KZ5RO
WV2B CY9 10-40 July, 2000 Those requiring a CY9 card for their contact with the July 2000 expedition may qsl via WV2B, the QSL manager is experiencing health problems so cards sent to him may be delayed. 73 Duane WV2B
UA9ZZ UA9ZZ/P 28,21,17,14 010810-010817 UA9ZZ before his expedition to Mongolia planning trial departure for a high-mountainous plateau Ukok,located in a boundary zone with China -12・, Mongolia -27・, and Kazakhstan -10・. Height above a sea level - more than 8200 ft., where-abouts 87.28E 49.15N. It is so-called a "Zone of Silence",which a little in the world - places of ancient burial points. In given case, it is Ancient Groves of Skythian Culture. The work is planned in an independent mode near to one of burial-mound of Grove タk-タlaha, where in 1993 was found embalmy mummy of Skythian Princess or Altay (Ukok) Lady,as her it named. (http://www.altai-republic.com/history/ukok_lady_eng.htm) Work on 10,15,17 and 20 meters CW and SSB in period of August 10-17'2001. Call sign - UA9ZZ/p. Is printed special QSL. All cards to home call only direct via CBA with the enclosed envelope and one dollar. Alan also informs: All debts on QSLs of expeditions UA9ZZ/UI1V, UA9ZZ/RW0H and UA9ZZ/RW0F in most near future will be liquidated. I am sorry for a so long delay.-- Best regards, Alan ,UA9ZZ August 7'2001 mailto:urs9@tcms8.ru
OZ0J XP1AB 1,8 MHz 011027-011028 It is now possible to work XP1AB again. XP1AB will be used from Sondrestrom on the West cost of Greenland Iceland during the CQWW SSB Contest on 27. and 28. October 2001.Sondrestrom is in CQ zone 40, ITU Zone 5 and IOTA reference NA-018.XP1AB will be used on air during the CQWW SSB Contest and we will be QRV on all 6 contest bands during the whole contest.We expect to arrive on 24. October 2001 where we will use the first days to put all the equipment together. If we have the time we will work on all HF bands and 6 meter with our own calls/OX. We will perhaps be QRV on CW before and/or after the contest. We expect to leave on 31. October 2001. QSL Manager is OZ1ACB and QSL is only possible direct to OZ1ACB. You can find any details regarding the DXpedition on our website http://www.qsl.net/xp1ab Please visit it often. We will update it often with new details. Do you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at jr@danamps.com or XP1AB on xp1ab@qsl.net. Vy 73 de OZ0J/OZ1JSH Jorgen
VU2RM JH1HHC 50.350 010509 Beam 270
2VS 626 JAPAN 27 mhz 3/24/01 [detail here]
WV2B CY9 6-40 July 2000 QSL cards for WV2B/CY9, WA4RX/CY9, and KT1J/CY9 have been received from the printers. Direct qsls will start going out shortly, Bureau cards will be answered via Bureau. 73 Duane WV2B
LA9GY JW HF + + 010324-010326 JW8G will be QRV in the WPX SSB-contest. Operators will be LA9IY Bjn and LA9GY Morten. Also QRV on CW as JW9IY and JW9GY. More info at http://www.qsl.net/la8g http://home.online.no/~antonsen
WV2B CY9 6-40 00/07/ There has been a delay in the printing for the WV2B/CY9, WA4RX/CY9, and KT1J/CY9 qsl cards. Please do not send a second request to the managers or operators. Your requests will be answered as soon as we have the cards. The cards are scheduled to be shipped form Bulgaria this month, so hopefully it will not be much longer. Thank you for your patience. 73 Duane WV2B
3Y0C 3Y0C 14195 010101-010101 gg11 [detail here]
JH4PHW V47SS 160... 10m + 6m 001221-010106 Especially looking for JA stations at 21:30 UTC on 14.008 MHz
LA9GY JW 10 - 160 m. 001201-001204 [detail here]Call will be JW9GY and JW8G. More info at http://home.online.no/~antonsen
VK2GJH C21JH 50.110MHz 10-22 Dec 2000 RI-39 Jack D. Haden VK2GJH as C21JH (RI-39) 10-22nd Dec 2000. Monitor 50.110/28.885MHz. QSL DIRECT only: VK2GJH (CBA).
JA2OJ TA3DD 14.020 00/10/13 [detail here]QSL via KB2MS
JA2OJ 3W2B 14.028 00/10/13 [detail here]QSL viaXW2A
JA2OJ 4W/K7BV 28.027 00/10/12 [detail here]up 5 QSL viaKU9C
JF1OCQ W1VX/KH4 6-80m 00/09/22-00/09/24 We, W1VX and NB6A, will be active on 80 to 6m using CW and SSB from Midway Is. form 22 to 24 September. We plan to oparate beacon on 50.115MHz all times. QSL to W1VX/KH4 via JF1OCQ, NB6A/KH4 via JE1RXJ
VK2GJH T30JH 50.110 14 Sep 2000 RJ-61 T30JH active 14-26 Sep 2000 (RJ-61) monitor 50.110MHz. QSL VK2GJH direct only.
WV2B CY9 6-40 000706-000709 fn97 Photos of the Dxpedition are now on the web site! http://www.geocities.com/heartland/pines/7651/cy9pics.html 73 Duane
UA0CQ ALL JAPANES STATION 144.150 000715-000716 PN78ML on 144.075 wkd beacon CW (QSX 144,150)
UA0CQ CQ DX 144.110 000708-000709 pn78ml [detail here]ES QSO for JAPANES STATION ANT 17 el YAGI F9FT TX IC-706 +AMP 90 WATS AZ 165dg
WV2B CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND 6-40 meters 00/7/6-00/7/10 fn-97 The permit for our operation has been received, and the operators are either enroute to Nova Scotia, or will be leaving in the next few days. Please note that Henry {ex: KE1AC} has received the new call sign of KT1J, so look for KT1J/CY9, WV2B/CY9, AI5P/CY9, and WA4RX/CY9. The operation will proceed as outlined on our website as long as the weather allows us to land on July 6. 73 Duane WV2B
UA0CQ CQ CQ CQ 144.150 000622 pn78ml [detail here]
VK2GJH NAURU 50.140 Dec 20th 2000 RI-39 [detail here]A planned DXpedition to Nauru as C21JH for 14 days commencing Dec 20th 2000 is underway. Activity will be directed to 50MHz, 100 watts and five element beam. Due to rising costs financial assistance from the JA 50MHz meter community may be required. Do many JA's need C21 on six meters??? I do not wish to waste my time if people do not need C21 on 50MHz. 73 de Jack VK2GJH (C21JH/T30JH) vk2gjh@usa.net
GM0CLN EU-008 TIREE 3.5,7,14,21,28 000728-000731 GM2T TIREE EXPEDITION - JULY 2000 A team from Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC will once more operate from the Isle of Tiree (IOTA EU-008, IOSA NH04, WAB NM04, Maidenhead IO66OM), the most westerly of Scotlands Inner Hebridean Islands, during the RSGB IOTA (Islands on the Air) contest. During the contest, which runs from 1200UTC 29 July until 1200UTC 30 July 2000, we will be using the special contest callsign GM2T. The team this year consists of John MM0CCC, Cambell MM1AVA, John GM7OLQ, Colin GM0CLN, Bob GM4UYZ, Ron GM0NTL, Landles GM4XZZ, Tony GM3PGY (the islands only resident radio amateur), Iain MM1CPP, Gordon MM0BYE, Robert MM0ANT, Jim GM7LUN and Bob GM0BWU. Our QSL manager will be Fred GM0ALS who is QTHR. Some operation (no WARC) may take place outwith the contest using the operators own calls or the C&PS ARC Club call MM0CPS/P but this will be restricted to non-contest times between the afternoon of 28th July and the evening of 30th July. We will endeavour to be QRV on or near the usual IOTA frequencies. We hope to post updates on our club web page at... http://www.btinternet.com/~john.innes/cpsarc/iota.htm ...when time allows before and after the contest.
K1ER T32B 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 0003 QSL MGR is K1ER, QTH: John D. Peters 98-1547 Akaaka St Aiea, HI 96701 USA
PA3GIO NA180 BELIZE 3,8 7, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 000319-000329 Bert, PA3GIO will be V31GI on NA-180 on SouthwestCaye, Glovers Reef, Belize, from 19 March - 24 March 2000. >From 26 March to 29 March on NA-180 Little Water Caye, Belize, Central America. on 80,40, 20,17,15,12,10M Only SSB, 100W and Doublet open feeder line. PSE LINK and visit Bert Website with pictures of his 1999 Activation at: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio QSL PREFERABLE by the Bureau to PA3GIO. QSL Direct: PA3GIO, Bert v.d. Berg, Parklaan 38, NL-3931 KK Woudenberg, The Netherlands, Europe.
PA3GIO CHRISTMAS ISLAND 3,8 7, 14, 18, 21 ,24, 28 000902-000913 DXpedition to Christmas Island OC-002 : Bert, PA3GIO will be VK9XV 2 - 13 September 2000 on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Doublet Website USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/VK9XV/ Website Netherlands: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/VK9XV/
PA3GIO GALAPAGOS 3,8 7, 14, 18, 21 ,24, 28 000401-000412 HC8. Bert, PA3GIO will be after his Belize trip as V31GI on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, IOTA SA-004, as PA3GIO/HC8, between 1 and 12 April. on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M. Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Bert likes to say Many thanks to Pedro, HC1OT & The Ecuador Radio Club & Rick NE8Z (HC1MD) for their great support! ...and the staff of The Galapagos Hotel who made us feel very welcome. QSL PREFERABLE BY THE BUREAU TO PA3GIO Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/HC8/
PA3GIO COCOS KEELING 3,8, 7, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 000826-000901 DXpedition to Cocos Keeling OC-003 Bert, PA3GIO will be VK9CQ 26 August - 1 september 2000 on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Doublet Website USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/VK9CQ/ Website Netherlands: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/VK9CQ/
PA3GIO GALAPAGOS 3,8 7, 14, 18, 21 ,24, 28 000401-000412 HC8. Bert, PA3GIO will be after his Belize trip as V31GI on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, IOTA SA-004, as PA3GIO/HC8, between 1 and 12 April. on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M. Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Bert likes to say Many thanks to Pedro, HC1OT & The Ecuador Radio Club & Rick NE8Z (HC1MD) for their great support! ...and the staff of The Galapagos Hotel who made us feel very welcome. QSL PREFERABLE BY THE BUREAU TO PA3GIO Website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/HC8/
WV2B CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND 7-50 2000,July 6-10 FN97 WV2B, AI5P, KE1AC, and WA4RX {at this time} will activate St. Paul Island July 6-10. Details available at : http://www.geocities.com/heartland/pines/7651/dxpedition.html qsl routes etc. on web page. 73 Duane wv2b
PA3GIO TANZANIA 3,8 7, 14, 18,24,28 21, 00/06/18- 00/07/01 IOTApedition to Tanzania: Bert - 5H3/PA3GIO 18/19 - 24 June 2000: Mafia Island - IOTA AF054 Operating on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Doublet QSL preferable by the Bureau to PA3GIO Website USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/5H3/ Website Netherlands: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/5H3/ IOTApedition to Tanzania: Bert - 5H1/PA3GIO 25/26 June - 1 July 2000: Pemba Island - IOTA AF063 Operating on IOTA or DX frequencies (only SSB) 80-40-20-17-15-12-10M Equipment: Kenwood TS-50, 100 W, Doublet QSL preferable by the Bureau to PA3GIO Website USA: http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/5H1/ Website: Netherlands: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/5H1/ 73, Bert, PA3GIO
PA3GIO JERSEY ISLAND 3,8/7/14/18/21/24/28. 99/12/11 - 99/12/16 Bert, PA3GIO will be QRV from Jersey Island EU-013, as MJ/PA3GIO/p or /m 11-16 December 1999 on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40, 80 M QSL preferable by the Bureau to PA3GIO PLEASE VISIT AND LINK MY JERSEY WEBPAGE: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/GJ99/
EA5RE ANNOBON 21295 990919 52 now
EA5RE ANNOBON 21295 990919 52 now
EA5RE ANNOBON 21295 990919 52 now
RRRRR RRRRRR rrrrrrr rrrrrrrr rrrrrrr [rrrrrrrrrrrrr
WV2B ST. PAUL ISLAND HF Sept. 98 New St. Paul Island photo page at: http://www.homestead.com/dxpileup/StPaul1.html 73 Duane
JA6BX ANTARCTICA AO-10 mode B Now to Jan 31, 2000 KC90TX 8J1RL Op. Kimio Maegawa JA9BOH is very active on AO-10 mode-B from Japanese Antarctica base. He prefers shcheduled CW QSO. Please contact Yoshi Esaki ja6bx@jamsat.or.jp for schedule.
W5FKX V3 - BELIZE 3.5 - 28.5 99/10/7 - 99/10/12 Several members of the Delta DX Association will again activate Ambergris Caye, Belize (NA 073) on 7 - 12 October. Returning are Mike-W5ZPA (V31MP), Wondy-K5KR (V31KR), and Stan-W5JYK (V31YK), joined by Don-W5FKX (V31KX). Plans are to operate 80-10 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY, with a possibility of some 6 meter activity as well. An attempt will also be made to activate one of the Turneffe Islands (NA 123) if transportation can be arranged. QSL via home calls.
WV2B KALAWAO COUNTY 21 99/10/1-3 On October 1-3, AH7R will be operating from Kalawao County Hawaii. This is one of the rarest of US Counties to contact {if not the rarest}, because it is the leper colony in Hawaii with no resident hams. equipment will be 50 watts and a vertical. Operation will also be in the area of a lighthouse, so may qualify for world lighthouse award. For further info see: http://www.chem.hawaii.edu/uham/kal.html 73 Duane WV2B
WV2B ST. PAUL ISLAND HF Sept. 1998 See my web site at www.home.earthlink.net/~wv2b/ for info on St. paul Island CY9. See www.qsl.net/wv2b for a few pictures from expedition, worked many JAs, see the antenna I worked you with! 73 Duane
VK8NSB MELVILLE ISLAND , CROKER ISLAND HF Nov 99 please go to www.rustman.com/IOTA/ for info about Nov 99 2 Islands - Dxpedition
TM0AR F ALL 99/05/09-99/05/16 Special event station for International Festival of Technology. QSL F5TJC (bureau or M.BRIERE J-L, 18 Le Petit St Louis, 72400 Cormes, France
W4ADJ ALL 14000 01/15/98 000 I have posted alot of great dx info including logs on-line and the latest dxpedition info at http://www.qsl.net/k4fk hope it helps gd dx 73s John W4ADJ
ZL9CI F5TJC 10.104 99/01/09 [detail here]
JF1OCQ T88 HF,50MHz Dec 18-23 1998 T88HM(JF1OCQ) T88TN(JA0QBY) 50MHz Equipment FT-847 + 300W amp + 4 element
WV2B CY9 14195 or 215 Sept 9-14 1998 [detail here] I will be on from St. Paul Island CY9 and will look for Japan around 1000-1200 utc. Try 14195 or 14215. Questions or help to WV2B. 73 Duane
K3IPK 4U1ITU 1.8 - 28 CQWW CW 97 Hello...I have received several QSLs for my operating from 4U1ITU. Sorry, but ALL confirmations of QSOs with 4U1ITU must be sent to 4U1ITU. This is true regardless of who is the operator at 4U1ITU at the time of your QSO. 73, RICHARD K3IPK [detail here]
K3IPK 4U1ITU 1.8 - 28 CQWW CW 97 Hello...I have received several QSLs for my operating from 4U1ITU. Sorry, but ALL confirmations of QSOs with 4U1ITU must be sent to 4U1ITU. This is true regardless of who is the operator at 4U1ITU at the time of your QSO. 73, RICHARD K3IPK [detail here]
HB9ABO 3B7 ALL 980504-980518 LH93 3B7 Bulletin Nr. 1 ================== (January 20, 1998) DXpedition to St. Brandon (3B7) From May 5th until May 17 the archipelago St. Brandon will be active in continuous operation with several stations. What, where? The destination of the DXpedition, the archipelago St. Brandon (or Cargados Islands, 3B7) belonging to the Republic of Mauritius (3B8) is situated about 400 km to the north of the latter. (QTH: 17ーS 58ーO) Organisator: Union of Swiss Short wave Amateurs (USKA), Section Zug, HB9RF; Project initiator: HB9JAI, semag@swissonline.ch, HB9JAI@HB9EAS-8.CHE.EU Participants: 3B8CF, 4X1DF/A, HB9ABO, HB9ADP, HB9AFH, HB9AFI, HB9AHL, HB9AJW, HB9BQI, HB9BQW, HB9BXE, HB9JAI, K5KG Schedule of the expedition: April 24, 1998: Departure of the assessment team May 2, 1998: Deaparture of the team from Zurich May 6 to May 17: Operation at 3B7 May 18, 1998: Dismantling and return Licence: We have a written confirmation by the Mauritian authorities, saying that a radio licence for St. Brandon will be granted. Financing: To assure the necessary funds we are left on the resources of the DX community. Expedition account: Bank: Swiss Bank Corporation, Bundesplatz 1, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland Account numbers Q 824.996.0 CHF, Q 824.996.1 USD. Remark: "Cargados-Expedition" Cashier: Josef Meier, HB9AJW, 100450.540@compuserve.com Thank you for your contribution! Equipment: 4 Short wave stations with 1 kW PA and corresponding antennae. VHF Station 6 m or 2 m 100 W for tests 3B7 - 3B8. Operation: 24 hour operation on all bands according time of the day. Operating modes: CW, SSB, RTTY and SSTV. Logging: The current state of the log will be daily transmitted onto our web site via Inmarsat standard-M data mode. WWW site: A dedicated web site for the St. Brandon DXpedition is under construc- tion. It should be operational by mid February 1998. The link to this site can eventually be obtained from http://www.uska.ch under "Links", "DXPedition" 73 de Urs, HB9ABO
N0TG VP5 1.8-28 980116-980123 N0TG/VP5, WA4DAN/VP5, AA4VK/VP5 Jan 16-23. ALL BANDS. CW Emphasized. Looking for many JA's. QSL ALL TO: N0TG, 1094 BIG ROCK LOOP, Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA
KA3DBN ZS/A22/3DA/7P8 1.8 - 28/ -cw, rtty, ssb 22/3/98 - 04/04/98 Will operate fairly extensively from ZS1, 3, 5 and 6 and as often as possible from other areas as time, and official OK, permit. QSL to home call via bureau....
VP5/KQ6SJ TURKS CAICS 3.5-28 970126970201 [detail here]
VP5/KQ6SJ 3.5MHZ 28Mhz 970126970201 [detail here]
VE3BW V47CA 1.8-50 971117-971201 I WILL BE QRV ALL BANDS ,LOOKING FOR JA'S ON 21195.0 ON SSB AT 2100-2200UTCQSL VIA VE3BW
K9LA ZF1A 1.8-28 971129-971130 K1TO/ZF2??, K4UVT/ZF2RF, W5ASP/ZF2NE, K9MK/ZF2MK, and K9LA/ZF2LA will activate ZF1A for the CQ WW CW Contest Nov 29-30. QSLs for the ZF1A contest operation go to K9LA. QSLs for QSOs outside the contest period go to the respective calls. Visit their web site at http://members.aol.com/k4uvt/ZF1AA.htm.
V73AT V73AR 7,14,21 ???-970810-??? Note: There is a V73AR living on Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Is. This is Not! V73AR station operated by JA3OIN in August of 1997. Send QSL for the August Operation of V73AR by JA3OIN to JA3OIN Do !!! NOT !! QSLs to P.O Box 114, APO AP, 96555 Majaro must not talk to Kwajalein! Tim McLauglin (V73AT) tmclaughlin@usa.net
JA3CMD IOTA DU HF Cw SSB 970808-971008 QSP from PA3GKI PHILIPPINES IOTA DXPEDITION From August 8th to October 18, 1997, one Member from the DDXG, Hans, PA3GKI, will be in the Philippines. He will travel around the Philippines and try to activate as many IOTA islands as possible. The first day's of activity will be at the northern part of Luzon Island when he is visiting his family (in-law's.) There is no special route made but if you hear him on some island then the next island group would be the most nearest one. Operating on 80 meters to 10 meters, CW and SSB. The Callsign is 4F2DX IOTA list from the Philippines untill now. ------------------ OC-042 DU1-4 - Luzon group (include:Cantanduanes,Masbate,Mindoro) (Sibuyan,Tablas,Ticao,etc) OC-207 DU1 - Cagayan (Include:Arena,Calusa,Cavili,) (Tubbataha Reefs, etc) OC-090 DU1 - Calamian group OC-120 DU1 - Cuyo (Include:Cuiniluban) OC-126 DU1 - Lubang OC-128 DU1 - Palawan group (Include:Balabac,Bugsuk,Dumaran,) (Linapacan,Nangalao,etc) OC-091 DU1 - Pollilo OC-092 DU2 - Babuyan OC-093 DU2 - Batan OC-202 DU4 - Calagua OC-129 DU5-7 - Visayan (Include:Biliran,Bohol,Cebu,Leyte,Negros) (Panaon,Panay,Samar,etc) OC-125 DU-6 - Semirara (Include:Caluya,Semirara,Sibay) OC-130 DU8-9 - Mindanao group (Include:Basilan,Camiguin,Dinagat) (Siargao,Tapiantana,etc) OC-105 DU8 - Cagayan Sulu group (Include:Bancoran,Muligi) (SanMiguel,etc) OC-119 DU8 - Jolo group (Include:Samales & Tapul groups) OC-188 DU8 - Pangutaran group (Include:Cap,North,Ubian,etc) OC-174 DU8 - Tawi Twai group (Include:Sibutu,Simunul,etc) OC-NEW DU8 - Turtle OC-175 DU8 - Sarangani QSL route for this and future DDXG dxpeditions are ONLY DIRECT via, DDXG: Dutch DX Group P.O. BOX 232, 7670 AE, Vriezenveen, Netherlands. For questions, BBS:PA3GKI @ PI8DRS.#TWE.NLD.EU E.MAIL HANS@ROTAR.XS4ALL.NL 73 & GOOD DX      中西 徹 de JA3CMD / N2CM         ja3cmd@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp            BBS- JE3YUS, JE3YEK-7 TEL 075-841-1254 FAX 075-841-1258
JH4PHW HB0 10,14,18,21 970621-970622 MODE:CW,SSB QSL Manager:JH1BSE RTTY is in plan de JA1QGT
JH4PHW V73 160m to 10m 970806-9708-14 QTH: Majuro Island (OC-029) Operators and callsigns: JA3ART/V73AR, JA3MM/V73MM, JH3QNH/V73NH, JA3YAQ/V73YAQ BAND & MODE: 160m to 10m (include WARC bands) CW,SSB,RTTY,29MHz FM EQUIPMENTS: FT-900, TS-440 & FL-7000 AMP ANT: 3el 3 band Yagi for 20-15-10m, 2el HB9CV for 17-24mj, DP for 160, 80, 40, 30m QSL MANAGER: JA3OIN (CBA)
PA3BVK A5/BHUTAN all bands may 1997 [detail here] big expedition by 1 person
N1BB 9MO HF 97/03/ ? K1XM and KQ1F will be on Spratley for about a week SOON! They will have only 100W and a poor antenna. Paul prefers CW. QSL Via KQ1F ------------------------------------------------------------ Someone help me find JD1 minimi torishima on CW! E-mail me: k1jks@juno.com
JH4PHW OY 1.8-28MHz 970607-970620 Five german hams have decided to visit the Faroer-Islands (EU018) between the 7th. and 20th. of june 1997. Their short-wave-station (160m...10m) will be operate with different antennas (dipol, vertical and beverage). Following call-signs can be worked: Claus Dieter OY/DF8QJ Michael OY/DK6QW Joerg OY/DL3QQ Werner OY/DL4YBZ Reinhard OY/DL6YFB The qsl-manager is Alfred, DK4QO. He is responsible for the replying of the qsl-cards. DE DK6QW
JH4PHW JN1GKZ/JD1 144.890 970309-970311 JN1GKZ will QRV from JD1 via AO-10.
NN9G S21XX 14000 970204 [detail here] Will the S21XX operation be QRV on any other bands? Will they QRV 20 CW? Your help NN9G E-Mail Specrum95@A.O.L.com
JH4PHW V47CA 10MHz 970203-970217 VE3BW will QRV from V47. He will look for JA 10101.5 round 22Z. If you need schdule, mail to him ve3bw@sympatico.ca
JA9IFF CHANG IS. HF 961212-961215 QSL Managing for HS50A IOTA pedition to Chang Is.(AS-125) QSL card is printing in Italy and they will be answer from beginning of Feb.,97. Please wait a little while. JA's goes to JA9IFF Jim, Others goes to I1JQJ Mauro.
KK6EK HEARD ISLAND All bands Jan 1997 Please see our web pages: http://www.ccnet.com/~cordell/HI

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