DX Web Cluster from JAPAN

Now we proudly announce that DX Web Cluster from JAPAN has been opened!!
All you have to do is to access this page and get and release DX information
around the world!! Of course, you can put your information into our page automatically.

In Japan, little of Internet users always connect internet, but major of them
access internet by using dial-up PPP. So the information you can get here
is very poor at the beginning. But we will do our best to spread the world.
So please QSP this pages to your friends.

Thanks in advance de JA6IMJ & JH4PHW Jun.17,1996

In November 2000 we have added DX Web Light Cluster 50MHz for thin clients. Please try DX Web Light Cluster 50MHz and feed back to us.

Presented by Waiwai Ham Life!!