Conway DX Pedition '95

These pictures were provided by JH4RHF Jun, who is one of member of Conway '95 DX Pedition.

Thanks a lot, Jun!!

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yatch The yacht "Te-Ni" for the trip to Conway Reef.

camp View of the camp of 3D2CU/3D2CT.

operation Pekka ,OH1RY, running 20m SSB.

bird There are some bushes, where many boobie birds nest.

OH1RY Pekka, washing his solidstate amp survaged from the bottom of the ocean.

operators Conway '95 All Stars.
From left to right, Pekka OH1RY, Garry NI6T, Nils SM6CAS, Jun JH4RHF and Mats SM7PKK.

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